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Zhejiang Chaoda New Materials Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as Chaoda New Materials, stock code 873613), a national high-tech enterprise, was established in 1997. The company is located in the Warp Knitting Industrial Park, Haining City, Zhejiang Province, and will be officially listed on the New Third Board on September 3, 2021.

The company occupies an area of nearly 60 acres and a plant area of 50,000 square meters. It has a German Karl Mayer KS high-speed warp knitting machine, a biaxial warp knitting machine, a German Dornier heavyweight super wide (5.4M) jet and a wide sword Pole machines, Belgian Picanol heavyweight rapier machines, and domestic large-opening single- and double-sided large circular knitting machines have become a large-scale comprehensive knitted fabric and industrial new material weaving enterprise in China, with an annual production capacity of 30,000 tons Around, the main products are: 1. Swimwear underwear fabrics, automotive interior fabrics, etc. 2. New high-strength and low-shrinkage film materials. It is widely used in swimwear, underwear, pajamas, sportswear, leisure clothing, toys, car interiors, home textiles, inflatable materials, tarpaulins, advertising cloths, pool cloths and industrial cloths.

All employees of the company have been committed to providing customers with high-quality products and high-quality after-sales service. Adhering to the business philosophy of selling and buying, we have formed long-term cooperative relations with many Chinese and foreign customers!